There’s no reason I should feel this frustrated but I am so irritated right now.

There’s two deer in our backyard just chillin’, mean muggin’ you if you step outside.

Soooo… The culprit? A rock. A gotdang rock.

I’m at the mechanic and I can hear them talking through the door but only bits and pieces and I thought they were talking about me and all I could hear was “all three,” “that’s really serious,” and “oh boy” and it’s making mE SO ANXIOUS STOP TALKING. Please I’m shaking I’m broke and my car is making noises just help me.

I’m studying but smash mouth just started playing so I had to drop what I was doing and sing along.

My school has a Super Smash Bros Club nothing will ever be the same again.

I have to go to a mechanic because my car is making a weird noise and I’m so nervous…